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  1. Server 2003 – Large Memory Support

    By default, Windows server 2003 standard and 2003R2 standard will only recognize 3GB of physical memory (even though 4GB is supported).

    This can be changed by using the “/PAE switch” to allow large memory support. To do this, you will need to edit the boot.ini file on the root drive. The line may look similar to this:

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Standard" /fastdetect /3GB /NoExecute=OptOut

    add the /PAE switch:

    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Standard" /fastdetect /3GB /Execute /PAE

    Reboot your server. Once back up, your system properties should show this:

  2. VOIP Cape Town

    Voice over IP is a revolutionary technology that will have a huge impact on how you do business in the future.

    VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol is on the few technologies that have the potential to dramaticaliy change the telecommunications landscape of tomorrow. Traditional pohone lines are slowly being phased out as business and households around the world embrace the benefits that VoIP technology has to offer.

    The technology is also known as Voice over Broadband, and IP Telephony. VoIP is a technology that allows people to utilize the internet as a transmission medium for telephone calls. By using VoIP, businesses can avoid long distance charges and save on expensive T-1 or PRI landlines.

    Comprendo VOIP Cape Town utilizes a combination of hardware from Cisco, Aastra and several other vendors to deliver an enterprise class telephone system for your small business. Big business features have been out of reach for small businesses for a number of years because they were too expensive, but todays VoIP technology and digital equipment have made equipment affordable and available to small business.

    Contact Us today for more information about how we can save you money on the following –
    – Telephone service
    – Adding Telephone Equipment or Upgrading your existing systems
    – Purchasing your first telephone system for your small business
    – Adding/Changing your Services or Subscription
    – Remotely Enabling your Workforce (Home Office Extensions and Softphones)

    WE supply both 3cx and Ipcortex VOIP systems in the Cape Town area.


  3. Moving offices? Need our opinion on equipment?

    Danny, one of our Support Technicians, went to a potential new office yesterday on behalf of one of our clients to check out the equipment that was available there.

    Are you looking to move office and need to see if there are enough ports for your staff to use their computers etc? One of our team would happily go and check out a new office for you, then quote on what you would potentially need.

    Call us to help with your office move on 0861 003113 or email us at

  4. Supporting Cape Town One Device at a time.

    Comprendo is an IT managed services company based out of Cape Town. We offer a variety of service contracts and service arrangements, but focus on providing commercial IT support to small to medium sized businesses. Our approach is fresh and different than our competitors, and our customer service is unlike any other firm that you have dealt with. It’s for those reasons that we have become a leading name in the IT support industry and in the Cape Town area.

     We offer managed IT services that help you budget your IT support costs. Rather than paying expensive hourly rates for break/fix, we prefer to provide our clients with a proactive management approach to keeping their systems running at peak performance.

     Comprehensive computer and network support, disaster prevention and recovery, off site backups, and anti-spam solutions are some of our IT support services that will keep your IT infrastructure problem and worry free and will allow you to focus on your business needs, not your IT woes.

     Hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted virtual servers, and private applications in the cloud are some of our IT support services that will streamline your business, allow your employees to process data when they are out of the physical office, and make sure that your most business critical applications are up 99.999% of the time.

    Our 24/7/365 helpdesk services serve as a single point of contact for all of your IT support needs. Our goal is to return your staff to a productive state as quickly as possible.

     Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions not only allow you to save money on telephone service costs, but will empower your remote work force, and bring features to the desktop computer that integrate it directly with the phone.

    We offer many other services including IT consulting and planning, project management, and more.

    Save money and outsource your IT worries to us so that you can focus on your business. If you would like to know what BSI can do for your business, give us a call today on 0861 003 113  for more information and to claim your free 2 hours support. We would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

  5. Adding a static route – Thompson Speedtouch

    To add a static route, you will need to do this via telnet. Putty is the tool i used, it can be downloaded here.

    Once you have connected to the speedtouch, you will be presented with a window similar to this:


                                 ______  SpeedTouch 716
                            /         /    
                      _____/__       /               
                    _/       /_____/___   Copyright (c) 1999-2007, THOMSON
                   //       /         /                                 
           _______//_______/         / _/______                          
          /      /            /    / /        /                         
       __/      /            /    / /        / ___                      
      / /      /     _______/    / /        / /   /                     
     /_/______/___________________/ /________/ /___/                      
                ___________                 /                    
      _        /          /            ___/                     
               /          /                /                        
          _____/          /        ________/                         
               /__________/            /                                 
                  _____        /_____/                                  
                 /    /      /___/                                     
                 /____/      /                                           

    This will mean that you have been logged in succesfully. The following needs to be entered

    This is the starting point


    We use the route add command

    This will be the destination subnet
    dst =

    This will be the destination net mask
    [dstmsk] =

    Label (if required)
    [label] =

    This will be the gateway
    [gateway] =

    The interface to use
    [intf] = LocalNetwork

    Other info
    [srcintf] =
    [metric] =

    :ip rtadd dst= gateway= intf=LocalNetwork

    Save command

  6. Want a new USB pen?!

    We have bought even more marketing USB pens to spread Comprendo’s name across Cape Town!

    If you want to get yourself a new USB pen – recommend our IT Support services to someone you know or share our facebook page and one will be sent to you!

  7. Assigning IP Details – Linux

    If you are like me and have had very little to do with Linux, then there may come a time where you need to either find out or assign a Linux box’s IP details.

    Here is a quick guide:

    (NB: you will need to be logged in as “root” or use “sudo” before each command).

    This is the info you are given:





    If unsure if your NIC has the name “eth0”:

    # ifconfig

    Assigning the IP address:

    # ifconfig eth0 netmask up

    # ifconfig eth0

    Assigning the gateway:

    # route add default gw

    Assigning the DNS server:

    # nameserver


    # ifconfig --help

  8. IT Support Cape Town

    Need IT Support in Cape Town, but find that you cant trust any IT support companies in Cape Town?

    What can clients expect when thought is put ahead of action? This questions hints at another; why are IT professionals so unprofessional? Have you dealt with unprofessional IT Support companies in Cape Town?

    Comprendo was founded to provide excellent Small and Medium Business IT Support. Our goal is to bring professionalism, consistency, targeted expertise, and reliability to IT consulting and to put pride back into the Cape Town IT Support Industry. Our management team is formed from IT industry experts, business process experts, and business management experts. Our core competency is searching for IT solutions that work for you in the Cape Town area, not us. Our technical support engineers are our sales people; we don’t have a group of “suits” sitting in a room telling you how unless you buy the latest flux capacitor your business will self-implode. We pride ourselves on honesty.

    None of this will be believable unless you give us a try, that’s why we offer 2 hours FREE support. No strings attached. So if you are a business owner in the Cape Town area, and need IT support, why not put us to the test, If you like the IT support we provide, then use us again, if you don’t then file us under B for Bin. I am confident however that you will find us trustworthy and honest.
    Kind Regards,

    Anthony Humphreys
    IT Support in Cape Town by Comprendo Ltd

  9. Comprendo Launched in South Africa!

    Comprendo, One of the UK’s leading providers of IT and VOIP solutions is proud to have launched in sunny South Africa.

    Our philosophy is that communication and control is of prime importance, so every step of the way we’ll keep you informed and in control of your IT.

  10. New Site Live!

    Welcome to the new website! Finally we have the new site up and running! We have added a few new features including the ability to chat to one of our support team on-line and live! (office hours 9am – 5:30pm GMT Monday – Friday).

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