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What is IT Support?

Running a business in this day and age will inevitably mean that you use technology in some form or the other and making sure your technology works for you is essential. From something as simple as one employee losing email access to the entire network going down, the flow of your business can easily get interrupted.

At Comprendo, we understand that every business has different needs and therefore require tailored IT support solutions that works for them. We strive not to put our clients in a box by offering solutions that suits the client’s present and future business needs instead of set packages. 

The Benefits

What are the benefits
of choosing us for your IT Support?

  • Cost Control
    Control the cost of your IT service needs with a flexible, tailored solution - whether you need to scale up or scale down
  • Expertise You Can Trust
    No challenge to big or small for our team! With over 10 years experience in our team, we strive to provide solutions to our clients as efficiently and productively as possible
  • There when you need it
    We are always available to receive your support requests and tend to your IT needs as promptly as possible
  • Remote or Onsite Solutions
    We offer both remote and onsite solutions, giving you peace of mind no matter where you need us to be.

Our clients

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How we work

The Comprendo Solution

Fixed Charge Plan

Your business can have a fixed set charge per user that allows the user to log as many calls as they require (whenever they require) without a concern of escalating costs. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens – your IT support is guaranteed to be covered.

Pre-paid Plan

Smaller companies have more minimal needs and with that being said, a pre-paid system works great. You pay in advance for a certain amount of hours and whenever you need it, you just use your hourly available credit!

Per Hour Plan

This is the traditional way of attaining your IT services. This allows for a flexible solution where you can request the support services you need and pay on a per hour basis.
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