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Network Security

Put your security needs
in the hands of an expert

Put your security needs in the hands of an expert

Our Network Security solutions

Network security is the protection of both your software and hardware by putting strategic practices in place that ensures the safety of your sensitive information and applications. With the increase of cyber attacks, it’s imperative that any business that houses information online or uses networking tools protects themselves with a solid security solution.

GDPR compliant data protection

Proactive 24/7/365 network monitoring

Analysis and auditing current networks

Next-generation firewall integration

Our Network Solutions services include:

Endpoint Protection

We implement cloud-based antivirus and anti-malware applications to protect your device and valuable data

Secure User Access & Permission

We setup specified system access to users of your choice, giving your business control over valuable information

Protection of Server and Data

We ensure your stored data is GDPR compliant, backed up and secured so that your data remains protected in case of breaches, which could be costly and damaging to regain

Firewall Protection

Our multilayered, actively monitored firewall protection ensures your network and systems are protecting from emerging threats

Email Security and Spam Protection

Businesses are some of the biggest targets to spam. We ensure to protect your email system by implementing thorough security and spam blocking

Internet and Browser Security

We protect your network and browsers through web filtering and ensuring malicious links and sites are inaccessible within the organisation

Our tailored approach to Network Security

We audit and assess your network security needs to implement the best solution to protect your business, using next-generation tools like firewalls with advanced features such as application and web filtering, IDS, and IPS. We stop any possible attacks in their tracks by proactively monitoring your network for any causes of concern. Ensuring you are GDPR compliant means ensuring your data is securely stored and your network is safe, Comprendo can help you tick all the right boxes.
Your security. Our priority.

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