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Hosted Desktop Solutions

Connect your business to the cloud

What is a hosted desktop solution?

hosted desktop solution is a way of remotely accessing a dedicated machine/computer that houses your necessary applications and files. It is custom setup to suit the needs of your business by having access to everything programme you need. This is a fully equipped computer where you can easily check your emails, work on your office applications, collaborate files with your team, browse the internet and this is all done virtually with a secure connection to a cloud hosted desktop. This solution is managed daily with our proactive support. 

Who is it for?

Any business who wants to seamlessly migrate from working in the office to working remotely from any location can benefit from a hosted desktop solution. In this way, regardless of the machine yourself or employees might be using – you can pick up where you left off and access everything you need via the cloud. It stores all your business information in a secure environment. This reduces overall business costs where you would otherwise have to get everything individually setup per user. This is fast solution that is completely scalable to meet the demands of the ever changing world we live in. 

How it works

It’s easy to get started with a desktop solution. See the steps below then fill in a the form to begin your journey to a remote working office!


We discuss your businesses needs. How many staff would be needing access? What applications do you use? How much data do you need to transfer?
These are the common questions to get us going on creating a solution tailored for your business.


Once we know what your business needs, we put together the physical and cloud infrastructure and set up individual users profiles ensuring that all data from the office machine is transferred to the virtual computer. We onboard all staff to the new process and your business is now ready to work remotely, seamlessly.


The Comprendo team will not only be there to get this up and running but to maintain your new system. With our managed IT service, we are always on call (or email) to assist in any troubleshooting, running consistent backups and ensuring your system is running optimally 24/7. We ensure your business moves to the cloud with no distractions or worries!

Ready to take your business to the clouds?